Liz Dennison has been working with birds of prey for more than 15 years as an educator, rehabilitator, and falconer. In 2016, Liz founded Secret Garden Birds and Bees to share her love of these amazing birds of prey and spread the word about the essential role they play in a healthy ecosystem.


Ryan McIntyre

Stephanie Fosburg

Secret Garden Birds and Bees is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) organization working with wildlife rehabilitators, falconers, naturalists, biologists and beekeepers to share our love of nature and wildlife with our communities.

Aleta Dust

Kathe Powell - Director

Kaleigh began working with the Secret Garden in the summer of 2023 and is a very active volunteer at Owl Moon Raptor Center providing care in the clinic and doing field rescues.  

Kaleigh Keesee

Genevieve joined the Secret Garden in November 2023 and is our latest recruit from Owl Moon Raptor Center where she will continue to volunteer as a wildlife rehabilitator. 

Nancy McDonald

Kathe Powell lives in Falls Church with her husband, son, 2 parrots, 3 dogs, 5 cats, and many fish. She volunteers at a farm animal sanctuary with her son and loves to photograph animals and wildlife. 


Liz Dennison - President

Liz Brand - Secretary

​Aleta is an experienced raptor rehabilitator. She was on the Board of Directors at the Raptor Conservancy of Virginia where, in addition to her other duties, she trained new volunteers in raptor handling. She now volunteers at both Owl Moon Raptor Center and the Secret Garden.  


Stephanie began working with the Secret Garden in the summer of 2023. Like several of our other raptor handlers, Stephanie also volunteers at Owl Moon Raptor as a raptor rehabilitator.

Tim Dennison - Vice President

Genevieve Loutinsky

Maggie Steinhilper - Treasurer

Liz Brand has been passionate about wildlife since a very early age. Encouraged by her parents, she endeavored to not only learn about animals in her backyard, but also to teach other neighborhood kids everything she learned. 


Maggie Steinhilper has been a Wildlife volunteer for just a few short years after retiring from Corporate America as a Process Engineer and Metrics Analyst. She loves birds especially and has volunteered at the Blue Ridge Wildlife Center in Virginia, Owl Moon Raptor Center in Maryland and of course, Secret Garden Birds & Bees.


Nancy completed training in the care and management of captive raptors at the University of Minnesota's Raptor Center. She makes good use of that training as a volunteer a volunteer at Owl Moon Raptor Center and fearless rescuer of ospreys, eagles, and other birds of prey.


Tim Dennison is "Head Beekeeper", responsible for all the heavy lifting  (literally heaving lifting) associated with inspecting and managing the hives. Tim enjoys working with Secret Garden's bees, spreading the word about the environmental benefits of beekeeping, and working with the Loudoun Beekeepers Association as a volunteer and mentor for new beekeepers. Tim is also happy to help homeowners remove beehives from their home or property without harming the bees in the process.


​​​​Ryan has long been a student of nature. Born and raised in the foothills of Virginia, he spent his childhood with an eye to the sky, watching hawks fly overhead and listening to the owls call through the woods. After spending a handful of years teaching natural history and environmental science in a variety of programs throughout the DC metro area, he started work with the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute as a field ecologist.