Maggie Steinhilper has been a Wildlife volunteer since after retiring from Corporate America as a Process Engineer and Metrics Analyst. She loves birds especially and has volunteered at the Blue Ridge Wildlife Center in Virginia, Owl Moon Raptor Center in Maryland and of course, Secret Garden Birds & Bees. Her favorites are the Owls! She has also attended the University of Minnesota's Raptor Center intensive course on Managing Captive Raptors and is a member of the National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association.

As a Wildlife artist and photographer, Maggie has displayed her work over the years at several galleries throughout Loudoun County and at local fairs and venues such as Artists in Middleburg, The Tryst Gallery and the Waterford Fair. She uses and combines several mediums for her work, from photography, watercolor and encaustic hot wax. 

Maggie Steinhilper - Treasurer