Our non-releasable Raptor Ambassadors help us spread the word about wildlife in our own backyard. Each bird has their own unique personality and life story! Read about how each one came to the Secret Garden and what their life is like in captivity as an Ambassador.

Join us at one of our public events to meet our Raptor Ambassadors up close and personnel.  We'll tell you their personal stories, introduce you to the wild raptors living right in your backyard, and share some ways to help them thrive in our increasingly human world. You might even get to take a selfie with your favorite bird of prey!

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Whether we live in the city or suburbs, farmland or wilderness, we can all do our part to help our wild neighbors thrive. Read about some practical things you can do in your backyard and throughout your neighborhood to create a welcoming environment for wildlife.

Beekeeping is an increasingly popular family activity. But there are concerns about the impact honey bees - a non-native species - might have on our native pollinators. As beekeepers, we believe that, if done responsibly and with some limitations, the benefits of keeping honey bees outweigh the negatives. Read about what it takes to become a beekeeper and connect with local beekeeping and native pollinator resources.

Read about our wonderful volunteers who work together to provide informative and entertaining educational programs and care for the birds that help to tell the story or the wildlife living right in our own backyards.

Birds of prey face many challenges in our increasingly human-dominated world. Encounters with raptors, from tiny screech owls to bald eagles, are becoming common in our cities and suburbs. They are our wild neighbors. Read about what we can do protect them from careless human harm.

Have you every been thrilled to see a hawk capture prey or been chilled by the eerie call of a screech owl. Read more about our exciting wildlife education programs, events and activities with live birds of prey and how you can learn more about these fascinating creatures.

Secret Garden Birds and Bees is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) organization working with wildlife rehabilitators, falconers, naturalists, biologists and beekeepers to share our love of nature and wildlife with our communities.