Tim Dennison is "Head Beekeeper", responsible for all the heavy lifting  (literally heaving lifting) associated with inspecting and managing the hives. Tim enjoys working with Secret Garden's bees, spreading the word about the environmental benefits of beekeeping, and working with the Loudoun Beekeepers Association as a volunteer and mentor for new beekeepers. Tim is also happy to help homeowners remove beehives from their home or property without harming the bees in the process.

Tim prepared the soil and planted the pollinator meadow garden that provides foraging for our bees, native bees, butterflies and a wide variety of insects. Goldfinches love it too! His future plans include maintenance of the meadow garden, gradually expanding the garden into shady areas with a different assortment of native plants and replacing much of the grass on the property with clover for additional foraging. 

But Tim isn't limited to beekeeping, He's an expert "bird wrangler" at events and whenever it's time for beak and talon trims. He has the scars to prove it! He's shown here with Scarlett for good reason. Scarlett definitely likes him better than any other handler.

Tim is also active with the National Weather Service (NWS) Skywarn Program, a network of volunteer severe weather spotters, who act as the "eyes and ears" of NWS offices throughout the country. Tim is a licensed amateur radio operator tasked with coordinating the efforts of other operators in the capital area to maintain a communications network during weather related outages of regular communication channels. This ensures that the NWS can continue to receive weather reports and feed warnings and other critical information out to communities during emergencies.

Tim is pictured (above) with Olaf, one of the two dogs he and Liz adopted from the Middleburg Humane Foundation.

Tim Dennison - Vice President