Thistle - Non-Native Invasive


Colorful Sap from a Damaged Cherry Tree

Red-Bellied Woodpecker

Downy Woodpecker

Bumble Bee  on Lamb's Ear

Dead Nettle - Non Native Invasive

Fungi (Species?)

Barn Owl Fledglings

Preying Mantis


Fungi (Species?)

Berries in Bloom

Who Lives Here?

Honey Locust Seed Pods


Chicken of the Woods

Black Walnuts


Wheel Bugs

Box Turtle

Fallen Maple Leaves - Winter Refuge for Insects


Fungi (Species?)

Black Walnuts

Snapping Turtle

Back of a Swallowtail

The Secret Garden is on land that was once a large dairy farm. Over the years, the land was damaged by buildings, heavy farm equipment, monocultures, and the animals. We hope that over time the land will recover and there are signs that it is happening. The plants, birds, and other critters in these photographs show that a diverse ecosystem is emerging. As you can see, there are still non-native invasive plants that will be difficult to eradicate. So, we pick our battles and, for now, leave those that do the least damage. But there are also wild and unruly native pioneers that are rebuilding the soil while sheltering and feeding our native wildlife. And every year, there are more! The best thing we can do to help nature thrive is provide food and shelter in the form of native plants. Even a tiny balcony garden makes a difference.


Fungi (Species?)

Goldenrod (Doesn't make you sneeze!)

Wild Grape Vine​

It wouldn't be Spring without Crocuses!

Wild Turkeys

Dogwood and American Fireweed

Black Vultures

Shed White Tailed Deer Antler


Honey Bee and Native Bee

Fungi (Species?)

Tree Stump and Fungi

Bud on a Maple Tree

Black Vulture Baby

Bessbug (Odontotaenius disjunctus)

Fungi (Species?)

Bones (Fawn?)

Blue Jay

Fungi  and Tiny Insect (Species?)

Sycamore Bark

Poke Berry

Dandelion - Make a Wish!



White Tailed Deer - Doe and Fawn

Spider Web

Garter Snake


Red-Shouldered Hawk

Bird on Hackberry

Large Tolype Moth

Broken Black Vulture Egg

Wood Sorrel

Burdock - Non-Native Invasive

Rosy Maple Moths (Dryocampa rubicunda)


Spider Web

Shaggy Mane

Northern Flicker Feathers

Spider Web

Chickory - Non Native Invasive

Barn Owl Feather

Ghost Pipes

Sycamore Leaf

White Tailed Deer - Buck

Barn Owl

The Wild Garden

A Very Big Sycamore Leaf

Fleabane and Bees

Adult Black Vultures

Two Nests in One Tree

Fungi (Species?)

Ornamental Grass

Non Native but Shelters Dozens of Birds

Honey Locust Flowers - Small but Fragrant

Tree Stump and Fungi

Fungi (Species?)

Fungi (Species?)

Grape Hyacynth - Non Native

Tree Frog on a Sycamore

Milkweed and Monarch

Poke Berry

Where the Deer Walk

Wheel Bug Nymph

Blackberries Ripening

Young Black Vultures

Wine Berry Stem with Thorns - Non Native Invasive

White Tailed Deer

Front of a Swallowtail

Smart Weed or Knot Weed - Non Native Ivasive

Rat Snake

Wine Berry - Non Native Ivasive


Young Buck

Black Locust Seed Pod

Apple Blossoms

Spider Web

Box Elder

Honey Locust Thorns

Barred Owl Pellet with a Crow's Foot

Eastern Click Beetle (Alaus ocolatus)

Assassin Bug/Wheel Bug Killing a Honey Bee