Hodor is a young adult Great Horned Owl. He joined the Secret Garden's flock of Wildlife Ambassadors  on May 2, 2019 after a collision with a vehicle left him with limited vision in both eyes. Great Horned Owls are powerful predators with a well-earned fierce reputation. But, from his first days with us, Hodor has been calm and relaxed with his handlers and even around crowds at programs. He is a quiet owl and rarely hoots. But once in a while he lets us hear his beautiful, resonant voice. 

Hodor has a special place with us because Great Horned Owls are special to Virginia. They were first documented as a species here during colonial times. That's why their scientific name is Bubo virginianus! Here at the Secret Garden, we think the Great Horned Owl should be our state bird!

Hodor is named for a figure in Norse mythology, the son of Odin and known as the blind god of winter, cold and darkness. It sounds a bit grim, but Great Horned Owls like Hodor truly are "Tigers of the Air", with the strength, stamina and attitude to survive in the harshest conditions. We think the name suits him very well.


Great Horned Owl

(Bubo virginianus)

Hodor's Eye

Used with Permission‚Äč

Photo of Hodor by Gerald R Warren